Architects and design professionals have been using custom furniture makers to address their functional and space needs for years. We've created a system that allows us to continue offering custom products to our professional clients, but also to offer those same services to a wider audience. 

We'll be adding to this page as we grow and understand how we can help you get exactly what you need from us. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Q. I live in (insert geography outside of San Francisco Bay Area). How come you can't tell me how much my shipping costs are when I place my order? Are you really charging me $700 for shipping?

A. The $700 shipping charge is an estimated MAXIMUM amount per item. Given our varied product range from a small table to a very large dresser, it is difficult to automate the calculation of shipping costs. We use white glove delivery services who will unpack and place your piece in your desired location within your home or office which means we have some additional information to gather in order to give you a firm quote. Most shipping fees will be well below that estimated maximum. 

Q. I started with the table but can't add drawers to turn it into a dresser? What am I doing wrong? 

A. Nothing! We have broken the Radius Design Tools into three separate models and created set pieces to help get you started. If you click on the side, console or coffee table set pieces, you will land in the Table Design Tool. The Case Design Tool is best for designing case pieces, dressers or nightstands with two or more drawers. The Étagère Design Tool is for pieces with multiple shelves or where a shelf sits on top of a single row of drawers. If you begin your design in one tool set, you can always click on one of the icons sitting just above the measurement tool in the configurator page to switch to another. If you like the deisgn you've been working on, don't forget to save before leaving the page.

Q. There seem to be limitations on how I design my piece. Why is that?

A. We have set some rules into our Design Tools for a couple of reasons. First, we want to make sure that the pieces you design still adhere to our underling design esthetics and meet our standards. Yes, we've tried to make it hard for you to design an "ugly" piece. We also have some limitations in our own fabrication processes, particularly around dimensions, that we have built into our tools. If you are having trouble getting the piece you envision, drop us a note to, and we'll see if we can help. 

Q. Do you have other materials choices?

A. We have a number of materials in mind to add to our standard set of choices and we will be adding to our list soon. We need to make sure that they live up to our standards and also work in our production processes. If you have something in mind, please let us know via email at We may be able to accommodate custom orders for tops, or we may have something in our testing lineup we think could be a good fit.