Design & Purchase Your Furniture

The Radius series is made to order; dimensions and functionality are customized based on your needs. We have set some basic design rules in our online configuration tools that limit certain specifications to meet our aesthetic demands and structural requirements. Within those rules, the power to drive the design is yours.

To get started, select one of the set pieces below and make your custom selections. 

Radius Table Design

Radius Case Design

Radius Etagere Design




The Radius series is currently offered in either black walnut or white oak. These hardwoods are sustainably harvested primarily from Midwestern and Northeastern United States. Our rigorous selection standards mean only the highest quality stock is used.

We use hand-rubbed finishes that best showcase the distinctive qualities of each of the hardwoods. As every piece is made to order using a natural material there may be some slight variation in the color and grain of the wood.


White Oak


Munson Furniture has selected a unique material as its first surface option. The 3Form resin product is notable for its versatility and beauty. The Alabaster series has a veined look similar to natural marble but at a fraction of the weight and with none of the uncertainty of stone. Although similar in appearance to stone, the 3Form surface may not be as durable when it comes to things like heat. Wipe clean with a soft cloth, and rinse surface thoroughly with warm water. The surface can be refinished to hide minor surface scratches. Please visit 3Form’s website for more information.

Ghost Alabaster

Warm Alabaster


The latest addition to our surface offerings is brass with a choice of 3 patinas to match the metal feet and backplates. We work with local craftspeople to fabricate the tops and to apply patina. Once you select Brass from the surface option, you can then select your patina in the Metal pull down option list. The same patina option will be used for all metal components on each piece.

Blackened Brass

Naval Brass

Silver Oxide